Easy-Laser Measurement and Alignment Systems

To ensure the best quality alignment of your machinery we offer Easy-Laser measurement and alignment systems, including the full range of E-Series systems or latest “Generation XT” products.

The Easy-Laser product line contains a wide range of easy to use alignment systems with a large color display, extended memory (you can save up to 100.000 measurements), connection between detectors and display unit via wireless Bluetooth® technology and robust design. Highest product quality and reliability is guaranteed with 3 year warranty on all Easy-Laser systems. The Easy-Laser product range is divided into following main groups:


Shaft Alignment Systems

alignment-tools_-_shaft_alignment_systems_Easy-LaserALIGNMENT TOOLS is ready to supply you an Easy-Laser shaft alignment system for every need, for the simplest alignment of horizontal machines to the most advanced alignment for all types of rotating machines and for use in potentially explosive (ATEX / Ex) environments.


Geometric Measurement Systems

alignment-tools_-_geometric_measurement_systems_Easy-LaserGeometric measurement alignment systems cover an extremely wide range of measurement types. Our company offers you turnkey Easy-Laser systems for specific measurements, with possibility to expand, combine and upgrade to suit any of your measurement needs, now or in the future.


Belt Alignment Systems

alignment-tools_-_belt_alignment_systems_Easy-LaserWe offer a complete range of tools for precise belt alignment – you can decide to display the results “visually” on targets, on digital display, or to connect the belt alignment system to the display unit, which allows you to print and store the measured data.


Digital levels and other Easy-Laser devices

alignment-tools_-_digital_precision_level_Easy-LaserDigital levels or vibrometers are suitable accessories for any Easy-Laser measuring and alignment system. Recently has been lounched the latest version of digital level called Easy-Laser XT290.


Easy-Laser Product Overview

Easy-Laser Product Overview (5,4 MB; in PDF file)
Easy-Laser Product Catalogue (11,1 MB; in PDF file)

In addition to the above mentioned standard systems we can also specially adapt measurement systems to suit your needs, supply you with selected accessories, spare parts and provide repair or calibration of your systems. In case of any questions feel free to contact us!

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