Sheet Metal Forming


In our new production facilities we provide high precision laser, plasma or flame cutting of steel or any other chosen metals. Thanks to these technologies we are able to process various metal types with thickness in the range from 0.05mm up to 200mm, and dimensions from a few mm to a sheet size 2500x5500mm.

Production Range Overview

  • CO2 laser – processing of material with thickness from 0,05mm up to 1mm, maximum size: 500x200mm
  • Fiber laser – material processing up to 8 mm, maximum dimensions: 1000x2000mm
  • Cutting & laser LASERMATIC – material thickness up to 10mm, maximum size: 2500x1300mm
  • Plasma – material to a thickness of 15mm, maximum sheet size: 2500x5500mm
  • Oxyfuel – material thickness up to 200mm, maximum sheet dimensions: 2500x5500mm

Besides to a delivery of the cutted material directly to your company offers ALIGNMENT TOOLS also further processing, such as forming, machining, welding, various types of surface treatment, including printing-on or engraving options.

If you are interested in our price quotation, or in case of any further questions feel free to contact us using our Contact Form or simply call +420 606020004!

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