Metal Products


We produce and sell stainless steel shims for machine alignment, flexible segments, accurate foils, metal strips and planchettes for shimming and clearance compensation, or magnetic measurement points for sensors mounting.

The ALIGNMENT TOOLS company provides high precision laser, plasma or flame cutting of stainless steel or any other chosen materials. In our new production facilities we are able to process steel and other metal types with thickness in the range from 0.05mm up to 200mm, and dimensions from a few mm to a metal sheets with size 2500x5500mm. We offer also further metal processing, such as forming, machining, welding, or various types of surface treatment.

Besides all metal products mentioned above produces our company a wide range of oil and lubrication system products, like drip pans, barrels, carts, racks, washing tables, etc. These products are intended mainly for the oil handling and storage.

More information about our stainless steel and metal products you will find in the sections below.

If you are interested in our price quotation, or in case of any further information request feel free to contact us using our Contact Form or simply call +420 606020004!

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